WHo is The Great Palumbo? 

The Great Palumbo started with an Ohio native living in Hanoi, Vietnam, writing songs and playing them in small clubs around the Vietnamese capital. After a long wandering journey home, through Burmese jungles and Himalayan mountain passes, he crash-landed in Nashville, Tennessee. And this is where the real journey began.

It wasn’t long before The Great Palumbo, in its earliest forms, found a reliable cast of collaborators and began to cut its teeth, moving from crude iPhone voice memos, to make-shift rehearsal space, to *actual* rehearsal space, to small venues, to—finally—the studio.

In February 2019, The Great Palumbo’s driving, choral debut single, “Falling” was released, followed later by their warmer, synth-heavy sophomore single, "The Other Me." One more single remains in the queue ahead of their debut EP, which is slated for a summer premiere. Meanwhile, The Great Palumbo is already back in the studio, tirelessly crafting their next set of releases to share with the world.

The Great Palumbo is:

Peter Campbell x Harrison Hall x Will Stevens