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WHo is The Great Palumbo? 

The Great Palumbo started with an Ohio native living in Hanoi, Vietnam, writing songs and playing them in small clubs around the Vietnamese capital. After a long wandering journey home, through Burmese jungles and Himalayan mountain passes, he crash-landed in Nashville, Tennessee. And this is where the real journey began.

It wasn’t long before The Great Palumbo, in its earliest forms, found a reliable cast of collaborators and began to cut its teeth, moving from crude iPhone voice memos, to make-shift rehearsal space, to *actual* rehearsal space, to small venues, to—finally—the studio.

In February 2019, The Great Palumbo’s driving, choral debut single, “Falling” was released. Two other singles are to follow, with its debut EP slated for a summer premiere. Meanwhile, The Great Palumbo is already back in the studio, tirelessly crafting their next set of releases to share with the world.

The Great Palumbo is:

Peter Campbell x Harrison Hall x Will Stevens