WHo is The Great Palumbo? 

The Great Palumbo started with an Ohio native living in Hanoi, Vietnam, writing songs and playing them in small clubs around the Vietnamese capital. After a long wandering journey home, through Burmese jungles and Himalayan mountain passes, he crash-landed in Nashville, Tennessee. And this is where the real journey began.

It wasn’t long before The Great Palumbo, in its earliest forms, found a reliable cast of collaborators and began to cut its teeth, moving from crude iPhone voice memos, to make-shift rehearsal space, to ACTUAL rehearsal space, to small venues, to—finally—the studio.

In February 2019, The Great Palumbo’s driving, choral debut single, “Falling” was released. The following months would see the release of their warmer, synth-heavy rock piece, "The Other Me," as well as their alt-folk travel anthem, "World Is Wide." Finally, in June of 2019, their debut EP dropped: “Into The Dark.” A thoughtful blend of rock, folk, and pop elements, “Into The Dark” explores the themes of belonging, spiritual belief, and the relationship between them.

This body of releases has already amassed more than 200,000 streams on Spotify and garnered attention from smaller music publications, prompting one local music writer to comment “The Great Palumbo have oriented themselves onto a path primed to skip the mid-cap rooms and go straight to the topline.” With additional releases in the queue for the remainder of 2019, The Great Palumbo is already back in the studio, working towards an eventful 2020.

The Great Palumbo is:

Harrison Hall x Peter Campbell x Will Stevens